Prominent Case History Investigations

U.S.A. v. RoshenravenFraudJon Hopeman
State v. Jeff SchulzFirst Degree MurderFred Bruno
State v. Bruce StankeyCriminal Sex IBob Oleisky
U.S.A. v. James Jannes (Vietnam Memorial)
FraudFaison Sessoms
State v. Keith MillardAssaultJeff Mohr
State v. Smith (LL Cool J. Hotel Situation)
Criminal Sex IDavid Wang
State v. Tommy KramerDWIDon Nichols
State v. BrownFirst Degree MurderMike Colich
State v. Curt Gruhl (Teacher)
Criminal Sex IV (37 counts)Phil Villaume
State v. Robert Mapel (Teacher)
Criminal Sex IV (8 counts)Phil Villaume
U.S.A. v. Paul WalkerArsonMark Peterson
U.S.A. v. Wendell Maddox (Contract w/U.S. Navy)
FraudBill Mauzy
State v. Ed Nelson (Mpls. Police Officer)
AssaultJoe Friedberg
State v. John Jones (St. Louis Park Infant Homicide)
Second Degree MurderJoe Friedberg
State v. Craig Swanson (Elk River School Teacher)
Criminal Vehicular HomicideJoe Friedberg
U.S.A. v. Jack Capra Drugs & GamblingJoe Friedberg
State v. Stacy Zehren (Daughter of Dr. Dick)Receiving and Concealing
Stolen Property
Joe Friedberg
Doug Thompson
U.S.A. v. George DammRobbery (Armored Truck)Andy Birrell
State v. Jamie Stankey (Earl Craig murder)First Degree MurderEllis Olkon
U.S.A. v. Larry ThompsonFraud & RICORobert Miller
State v. Wu (Guthrie Theater)EmbezzlementDoug Sauter
U.S.A. v. Hal Greenwood (and other defendants)FraudBill Mauzy
Earl Gray
Doug Thompson
Joe Friedberg
U.S.A. v. Ferris Alexander (and other defendants)Pornography (RICO)Dave Roston
U.S.A. v. Showalter (Kathy Krane’s)FraudJoe Friedberg
State v. Dr. Bill Lone FraudJoe Friedberg
U.S.A. v. Sharif WillisDrugs, GunsJoe Friedberg
U.S.A. v Plukey DukeDrugs, ConspiracyJoe Friedberg
State v. DonnayCriminal Vehicular HomicideJoe Friedberg
U.S.A. v. Goldberger FoodsImmigration ViolationsJoe Friedberg
State v. Leonard RichardsFirst Degree MurderPhil Villaume
State v. Russell LundFirst Degree MurderJoe Friedberg
State v. Steven Zanter (3M-Sharon Bloom Murder)First Degree MurderJoe Friedberg
State v. Randy MossFelonyJoe Friedberg


Larry LeventhalLawsuit against City of St. Paul, involving two officers dropping client off in cold weather at Mpls./St. Paul border.
Sheila EngelneierLarge settlement received on behalf of client subjected to sexual harassment. Defendant was Pepsi-Cola Bottling.
Russ CrowderLarge settlement on behalf of client who was raped in a squad car by a Minneapolis Police Officer.
Jim KasterSeveral settlements awarded on behalf of clients subjected to polygraph tests in the workplace.
Park Glen Insurance CompanyNumerous dram shop defense investigations done on their behalf from 1997 to the present.
Mike BaderLarge settlement on behalf of family whose son was killed on a school bus when his head struck a tree.
Prairie Island Indian Community (Treasure Island Casino)
General Counsel
Investigation, research, consulting with the Tribal Council.
Northwest Airlines
Corporate Counsel: Rob Tice
Involved in research on employee in mediation to be reinstated to employment.
John AngellRepresented American Security when one of their employees raped a female lawyer in Downtown Minneapolis.